Portable Electric Fan Wireless Air Circulator Fan Cordless Desktop Wall Fan

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Multifunctional Fan Circulator Wireless Portable Home Quiet Ventilator Desktop Wall Ceiling Fan


1. Desk Convenience with Robust Battery Life
Firstly, as a desk fan, it's a model of convenience. With an integrated 3600mAh battery, it liberates you from the
tyranny of cables, offering a clutter-free desk setup. The battery life is impressive, holding up throughout the workday
without needing a recharge, which is a significant plus for any desk gadget.
2.Wall-Mounted Efficiency for Space-Saving Cool
The ability to hang this fan is a game-changer. It's not just about saving desk space; the ease of mounting and
demounting makes it perfect for various settings, from kitchens during cooking to garages during DIY projects. The
convenience of 'grab and go' adds a layer of practicality that I highly appreciate.
3.Broad-Angle Oscillation for Comfortable Cooling
The 90°rotation feature stands out, delivering a wide-angle breeze that ensures even air distribution. I've found this
to be particularly beneficial for shared spaces, and it's a relief to know that prolonged use doesn't lead to discomfort
or headaches, often a concern with static fans.
4. Customized Airflow with Four-Speed Settings.
With four distinct wind settings, this fan caters to all preferences. I tested it across various scenarios, from needing a
gentle whisper to combat afternoon sluggishness, to a powerful gust post a workout. The flexibility to adjust the
airflow and the 10-hour endurance on a single charge make it a reliable tool for long-term use.



Name: Multifunctional Air Circulator Cooling Fan

Power (W): 10w

Voltage (V): 5V

Model Number: FD60



Usage time:5-10hours


Material:Plastic(BPA-free),Electronic Components

Timing Function: No Timing

Type: Cooling Only

Wind Type: Natural Wind, Sleep Wind, Prevailing Wind

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes


Circulator fan*1

USB cable*1


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