Max One 350W 2900mAh Electric Skateboard For Kids

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Battery Capacity/Travel Distance:: 2900mAh/350W/18km
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Max One Electric Skateboard has higher safety and portablility. For energetic children, they spend much longer outdoors than indoors. An electric skateboard that combines entertainment and travel is the best playmate for children.

Max One Electric Skateboard  imported large-capacity lithium battery,can rerlease 99WH of sufficient power through BMS tuuning,extending the use time of the skatebard, and with a 63W fast charger,it only takes one hour to fully charge 90%.



*Automatic Shut-Down:

After 5 minutes without any operation,the skateboard and remote control will automatically shut down

*Safe Mode:

After the remote control is turned off, the main board automatically locks the motor to avoid accidental activation

*Low Battery Protection:

When the power of the skateboard is low ,the motherboard will limit the motor output and control a safe speed.

*Loss Of Singnal Protection:

When the remote control is turned off or accidentally disconneted,the skateboard will automatically stop accelerating and braking.


*Product name:Electric Skateboard

*Max Load:143 Ibs / 65 kg

*Battery Power:2900mAh/99 Wh Lithium Ion 

*Top Speed:Up to 15 mph / 25 km/h

*Standard Range:Up to 11 Miles / 18 km 


*Hub Motor Model :M3

*Hub Motor Power:350W

*Hill Climbing:Up to 10% Grade

*Board Weight:10 Ibs/4.6 kg

*Deck Material:27 Inch / 68 cm

*Deck Length:27 Inch / 68 cm

*Dimensions:27(L),8(W),4.5(H) inch / 68,21 ,11.5 cm

*Trucks:Forged 8.3 Inch / 210 mm width

*Ride Modes:3 Ride Modes 

*Braking System:Electronic Regenerative Braking

*Wheels:75 mm

*Remote :Ergonomic Remote

*Charging Time:60 min


*1x skateboard

*1x Remote Control

*1x Charger

*1x Manual

*1x T-wrench

*Gross weight:15 Ibs/7 kg

*Package dimensions:71*29*18 cm /28*11.4*7 Inch


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