FF Street 6.4Ah 750W Longboard Truck Hub Motor Dua Electric Skateboard E-Boad

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Battery Capacity/Travel Distance:: 6.4Ah/230Wh/35km
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Maxfind FF-Street is a high-performance electric skateboard. From idea to production, the FF-Street experienced repeated molding and detail improvement, which includes longer range and lightning-fast acceleration. Made of the latest PPS composite material, the deck is to maintain flexibility and absorb shock. While the latest Hobbywing ESC provides smooth riding.

Maxfind FF-Street equipped with the 750W*2 motors which have more torque with smaller input current. The internal structure of the motor has been optimized, meaning the PU sleeves are easier to swap and less noise issues. And the exclusive customized motor caps make the motors look more advanced and more beautiful.




Maxfind FF-Street has created the only device on the market that can quickly replace the battery. You can choose the battery combination you want according to the mileage requirements. You can replace the battery in just 10 seconds and start a new riding journey immediately!


The deck made of PPS and glass fiber composite materials, which increase the elastic curvature by 200%, making it super elastic and super soft. The mesh and foot socket design are more comfortable and shock-absorbing, allowing you to stand more steadily.


The new double-decker truck adopts the proprietary forging and CNC milling manufacturing process developed by the Maxfind engineering team. Compared with the traditional die-casting truck, it has higher strength and more flexible steering.



*Product name:FF Street Electric Skateboard


*Hub Motor Torque:5.2 Nm x2

*Battery Power:SAMSUNG/LG 10S2P, 6.4Ah, 230Wh, 36V

*Top Speed:Up to 26 mph /42 km/h

*Standard Range:Up to 21Miles / 35km 

*Long Range:Up to 42 Miles / 70 km (with one extended battery)

*Super Range:Up to 64 Miles / 105 km  (with two extended battery)

*Hub Motor Model :M5

*Hub Motor Rate Power:Dual 750W*2

*Hub Motor Max Power:Dual 1500W*2

*Hill Climbing:Up to 30% Grade

*Board Weight:20 Ibs/9.1kg

*Deck Material:Super Flex PPS + Glass Fiber

*Deck Surface:Frosting Material

*Deck Length:38 Inch / 97 cm

*Dimensions:38(L),11.4(W),4(H) inch / 97,29 ,10.5 cm

*Trucks:Double Kingpin, (11.4 inch / 290 mm CNC Precision Machined)

*Ride Modes:4 Safe Riding Modes (Beginner/ Eco/Fast/Max)

*Braking System:Electronic Regenerative Braking


*Remote :Ergonomic Remote with OLED

*Charging Time:180 min

*Waterproof Rating:IP65

*Max Load:220 Ibs /100 kg


*1x skateboard

*1x Remote Control Charger

*1x Bluetooth Remote

*1x Manual

*1x T-Skate Tool

*1x Charging Cable

*1x Super Fast UL Charger

*1x Remote Control Lanyard

*Net Weight: 20 Ibs / 9.1 kg

*Gross Weight:27 Ibs/12.2 kg

*Package Dimensions:114*35.5*21.5 cm


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