Max 2 Pro Dual 4.4Ah Longboard Hub Motor Truck Hub Motor Dua Electric Skateboard

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Battery Capacity/Travel Distance:: 4.4Ah/158.4Wh/25km
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The Maxfind Max2 Pro was designed with college students in mind. It’s got a good range and speed for students looking for a way to get around campus quickly. Most people around this age are on a budget, but they don’t want a cheap, flimsy board either. The Maxfind Max2 Pro offers great quality for the price. Other people will love this board for that reason, not just college students.

Maxfind Max2 Pro is a small and portable electric skateboard with diamond-cutting design. It is cut at a clear angle to meet the appearance of a surfboard. With the help of carbon-fiber coating, it perfectly combines compactness, portability, technology, and personality.



*Diamond cut deck

Max 2 Pro deck is made of nylon fiber+glass fiber composite material,which greatly improves 90% impact resistance


Max 2 pro equipped with the 600W*2 motors which have more torque with smaller input current. The internal structure of the motor has been optimized,meaning the PU sleeves are easier to swap and less noise issues. And the exclusive customized motor caps make the motors look more advance and more beautiful

*Max 45 °Truck:

The new max 2 truck uses proprietary forging and CNC milling manufacturing processes to improve stability at high speeds. The distance between the front and rear trucks is reduced,providing unrivaled flexibility.



*Product name:MAX 2 PRO Dual Electric Skateboard


*Battery Power:Samsung 10S2P 4.4Ah,158.4 Wh,36V

*Top Speed:Up to 24 mph / 38 km/h

*Standard Range:Up to 15 Miles / 25km 

*Hub Motor Model :M4

*Hub Motor Rate Power:Dual 600W*2

*Hub Motor Max Power:Dual 1200W*2

*Hill Climbing:Up to 28% Grade

*Board Weight:14 Ibs/6.6 kg

*Deck Material:Nylon Fiber+Glass Fiber 

*Deck Surface:Carbon Fiber Coating/UV

*Deck Length:31 Inch / 80 cm

*Dimensions:31(L),10.6(W),5(H) inch / 80,27 ,12.5 cm

*Trucks:Forged 10.6 Inch / 270 mm width

*Ride Modes:3 Ride Modes 

*Braking System:Electronic Regenerative Braking

*Wheels:90 mm

*Remote :Ergonomic Remote

*Charging Time:120 min

*Waterproof Rating:IP65

*Max Load:220 Ibs /100 kg


*1x skateboard

*1x Remote Control Charger

*1x Bluetooth Remote

*1x Manual

*1x T-Skate Tool

*1x Charging Cable

*1x Super Fast UL Charger

*1x Remote Control Lanyard

*Gross weight:19 Ibs/8.8 kg

*Package dimensions:87*35*19 cm /34*14*7.5Inch


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